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M-091 Thru-Axle MTB Frame 29er

Hard Riding No Problem on VeloBuild M-092

by Justin Hill

At first look this frameset looked sweet, I was very excited to get on it! It has very clean lines and internal cable routing.  The build quality looked and felt excellent. I am comparing this carbon fiber 29er hardtail frame to my current aluminum 29er a trek X-caliber. 

Smooth Ride
 I thought the bike rode smoothly.  This frame felt like an upscale SUV.  It handled the bumps and roots like a boss.

 It was very rigid but not in a harsh way.  I will say that the front fork was a 120mm travel fork compared to my 100mm travel on my trek.  While the extra room was nice, it made the geometry feel more like a commuter than a race machine.  That may be the feel some are going for, so if you are looking for a plush ride to tackle any terrain, then look into the 120mm travel fork.  I have the stem slammed on both bikes and I am in a much more aggressive position on my Trek.  Again, this was a setup note based on the fork we had on hand.  I’m sure by putting a 100mm travel fork on it would feel similar.


Tight Turns

One thing I liked was the toe overlap, or lack thereof, with the front wheel.  I didn’t have any trouble making sharp turns.

“After the first few miles you forget that it’s carbon”

Tough and Confident
 The frame stood up to everything I could throw at it.  At least everything in the terrain I have available in my local trails.  Log hopping and small 1ft drops were handled easily with confidence.  After the first few miles you forget that it’s carbon and I didn’t hesitate to put it through the paces.  I did start to remember it was carbon when it came to the rollers and hills.  It seemed to float over them and make technical sections a little smoother. It was lighter compared to my trek, but unfortunately I don’t have an official weight.

VeloBuild M-092 29er MTB

 When I am in the market for a new mountain bike, I will definitely be picking one of these up.  This was built with a triple chainring on the front, and while I usually ride double, and hope to be on a single soon, it shifted very well. Built up with SRAM components, I was impressed at the smooth shifts.

About the 29er Carbon Wheels
 I was a little apprehensive at my first venture onto MTB carbon fiber wheels, but after the first few miles you forget, until you take it off of a drop or hit a rock. I was worried but it seemed to hold up just fine, granted I only weight 145 soaking wet.  I know that feeling will go away with time, it just had to grow on me.

 JustinHill Justin Hill
 Justin is a 30 year old Physician’s Assistant with a sports medicine group.  When not in surgery, he rides as many times a week as possible for a husband, new dad and busy professional on call at all hours.He rides with a fast training group in the tall hills north of Nashville. He is a very lean 6’2″ tall…think Andy Schleck.  Justin is a climbing machine…a nice bloke and all around good guy.

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