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Maintenance tips:

1. Use Correct Torque to install the accessories .Usually use together with carbon assembly paste which can help add friction and avoid Spondylolisthesis

2. Keep clean .The bicycle dedicated Degreasing agent or other similar cleaning product is a good choice

3. Avoid squeezing .Carbon fiber is easy be damaged by squeezing ,so we need to pay attention during building or carrying .During building ,we suggest wrap one layer protector during build and use strong box during carrying

4. Avoid chain involved in the death .If the chain lost and involved into the area between the small crank and chain stay ,you need to stop riding ,then clean and lubricate your transmission system .Maybe you need to change that if necessary

5 .Change the brakes if you change alloy wheel and carbon wheel .Carbon wheel need special solft wood brakes. Use Sandpaper remove residual dust/gravel especially after riding on raining days.

Warranty Policy

Products warranty time :


2 years from order parcel sign day


Wheel / rims.

1 years from order parcel sign day

-Hubs/spokes/nipples not included

During our warranty time, we offer returns/resend/refund

Returns condition: products damage caused by delivery, check the product when you sign the parcel. If there is damage please refuse to sign and take pictures as proof and sent the proof to us.

Refund condition: products damaged without human-destruction.

Warranty does not cove:

-Normal wearing and tearing

-Improper assembly or follow-up maintenance by an unauthorized technician.

-Not originally products as sold

-Damage or failures caused by a crash/impact/abuse of product/noncompliance with wsage specifications or any other fractious reasons.

-When the serial number or production code has been deliberately  altered/defaced/removed.

Return Policy

-Products have not been used or installed

-Products have to be not customized like with decals.

-The original delivery fees are not refunded.

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